Instead of a New Year’s Resolution, Try This


It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I know. I apologize. This post will explain what I’ve been doing with my time, and more specifically, what I’ve done in 2015.

We’re nearing the end of the year and usually people will be getting ready to do their New Year’s Resolutions, which for me would usually go something like this:

  • Make more videos
  • Clean out my closet
  • Drink less (more) coffee
  • Start my own podcast

But I was listening to The Tim Ferriss Show and on his year-end lessons episode he mentioned that “a reflective analysis on the previous year can be more important than a New Year’s Resolution.”

So instead of implementing blind resolutions, I’m going to reflect on what I did right (and what I did wrong) in 2015 and as a result find out what I can do better in 2016 as a YouTuber and Entrepreneur.

My 2015 YouTube Stats

My 2 main channels:

  • 30 new videos
  • 35,000 subscribers

I’m pretty satisfied with the amount of views I got in 2015. Like Dr. Evil, anything with the word million gets me excited. On the other hand, I really slacked on my video quantity. 30 videos between 2 channels is too low so I need to focus on pumping out at least 50 new videos in 2016. 1 video per week is my goal so in order to do that I’m thinking of getting something like a dry erase board so I can write out a video idea each week and put the whiteboard on my door so every day I will see what I have to do.

My 2015 Entrepreneurial Journey

In 2015 I started my own wedding videography business and completed 7 wedding videos in the span of 5 months which is one of the main reasons why my quantity of YouTube videos slowed down during the summer so that’s another thing I’ll be prepared for this coming year.

The Channel Empire email club is about to hit 5,000 members so shout out to the Channel Empire squad, and if you’re not a part of that yet then what are you waiting for? Overall, I’m satisfied with the growth of the email signups in 2015 because I did absolutely no paid advertising whatsoever. All the members joined through free content, mostly my YouTube videos as traffic to the website.

I also launched my first online course in April called YouTube Success Formula: How to Get 10,000 Views Every Day which I am super proud of. It’s helped many YouTubers so far, and I’ve received nothing but positive feedback from the students who have taken it. I haven’t marketed it enough this year though. I haven’t done any paid ads for it so in 2016 I’m going to focus on marketing that course better and maybe getting into some paid advertising for it.

My 2015 Income

How much income did 2015 bring? I tallied up my total income from all my side businesses aside from my 9-5 job that I work during the weekdays. All my side income streams (my websites, various online sales, YouTube channels, wedding videography business, etc) have brought in a total of $122,093 in 2015. Keep in mind that’s before expenses and taxes so after those are taken out it’ll be much lower, but a 6-figure year was one of my career goals for a long time and I’m glad I was able to hit that milestone in 2015.

For those of you wondering, “Is it possible to do the things I love and make a living from it?” Yes it is absolutely possible especially with the help of some video creation and hard work. That’s why I love doing these videos for you so you can see how to utilize online video, more specifically YouTube, to build your own successful brand online.

So that was my year in review, I’m happy with some outcomes and others will need some more work in 2016. Let me know some lessons you learned in 2015 in the comments below and what you’re looking forward to accomplishing in 2016.