Andy Slye

Hi, my name is Andy (the dude on the left). I created this little place called Channel Empire.

Channel Empire shows you how to create amazingly effective videos so you can build a successful brand online.

How would you feel if you could wake up everyday, share what you love the most with others, and make money from it? It's pretty awesome. The best part? You can do it in your spare time. Even if you have a job, you're a full-time student, or both, you can still use online videos to form a money-making business built around your lifestyle. How do I know this? I've done it myself.

You're here because you have a passion. Maybe you have a special talent, skill, hobby, knowledge, or interest that you want to share with the world. Maybe you have your own business and want to get customers through video marketing. Whatever you're passionate about, you can create a successful YouTube channel surrounding it. Here at Channel Empire you'll learn how to:

  • Channel your passion through awesome online videos
  • Leverage YouTube to build an audience of raving fans
  • Skyrocket your income from the exposure


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    My Story

    The year was 2009, and I had just uploaded my very first video to YouTube. It was a comedy video. Sure I was completely new to the art of video creation, and the video probably wasn't as funny as I'd hoped. The quality was sub-par. But you know what? It was fun. It was satisfying to see an idea come to life so quickly by turning it into a video. Of course, the video was popular among friends but not many others. It didn't go viral. I wasn't the next YouTube star. But I was having fun doing what I liked to do: entertain.

    I continued to make comedy videos but also began to create videos for a separate channel. You see, that's one of the best things about YouTube. It doesn't limit your passions. If you have more than one passion, you can creatively incorporate them into your videos or create new channels for each passion. That's what I did. I'm a geek so people would always come to me with technology questions. So in addition to entertaining videos, I began creating educational tech videos.

    Then I made the #1 bonehead mistake: I didn't stay consistent with YouTube . I would only upload one video every couple of months. From 2009 to 2013 I only uploaded about 15 videos combined on both of my channels. By the time I finished college I had a job but was itching for something more. Doing what I should have done years ago, I resurrected my tech channel at the start of 2014.

    After neglecting YouTube for years, I started to re-build my channel. Each weekday I dedicated about 2 hours to YouTube: planning videos, recording videos, editing videos, and uploading them. All the while I was working 32+ hours a week at my day job and still had time to hit the gym. I almost always kept my weekends free of any YouTube tasks so I could enjoy the life of a normal guy in my early 20's (like binge-watch all 5 seasons of Breaking Bad on Netflix, go to music festivals in Tennessee, and visit the Bahamas on a cruise ship). In my spare time I catapulted my YouTube channel along with my income, and I learned some of the most valuable tactics & strategies.

    Dedicating Only 10 Hours Per Week, In 6 Months I Gained:

    • 3,200 YouTube subscribers
    • 500,000+ YouTube video views
    • Passive income online & my own lifestyle business (made money while I slept!)
    • 4-figures per month in online earnings (all resulting from my YouTube videos)
    • Huge fan-base online including thousands of followers on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook
    • Valuable skill-set, knowledge, and experience in creating high-quality web videos
    • Satisfaction from sharing my passion with the world

    And guess what? You can do it too.

    Why Channel Empire?

    It's not easy building a successful YouTube channel, but that's why I created Channel Empire. I'm here to help you with all the things that stood in my way before I discovered the blueprint for online video success. The benefits are well worth it.

    Who wouldn't want to get paid for doing something they love, getting their own fans, and transforming their ideas into awesome videos for the entire world to see?

    If you implement everything you learn from Channel Empire you are guaranteed at least 3 results:

    • You will build a fan-base. There's nothing quite like turning strangers into raving fans. By creating a successful YouTube channel you'll easily build a network of online fans and friends, whether they are: YouTube subscribers, Twitter followers, Facebook fans, email subscribers, or even customers. A fan-base is a huge benefit, even if you couldn't make any money at all (which you will). The opportunity to provide value to anyone in the world and turning them into a fan is a huge benefit.
    • You will make money. Making money online is not easy in this day and age, but I honestly believe YouTube is one of the best ways to start. The money you earn will be a direct result from your YouTube channel and videos. The amount of money you make will depend on a number of different factors such as what your channel is about, how much value you give to your audience, how much effort you put towards building your channel, and your willingness to learn new things. But you'll make some kind of money guaranteed.
    • You will have fun living your passion. In my opinion, a YouTube channel is one of the best ways to share your passion with the world (whether your passion is a personal interest, hobby, special skill-set, knowledge, talent, or even your own business). You can share your passion with the world by creating awesome online videos. To me, digital video is the best medium to build a loyal audience and earn huge profits. Nearly everyone has an Internet-connected device such as a smartphone, computer, or tablet that allows them to watch your videos anywhere at anytime. You're going to be living your passion anyway so why not record it, show it to the world, and make money from it?

    Even though I consider myself a YouTube expert, I'm not a YouTube "star" by any means. I can't make viral videos at the press of a button. I'm merely a kid in his 20's who has produced valuable videos for millions of people, and I want to help others do that too.

    I will show you exactly how to share your passion with the world using online videos, build a raving fan base, make money, and have fun while doing it all.

    Join me and the entire Channel Empire tribe, and let's conquer the world with our online channels!

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    • Fun Fact

      The name “Channel Empire” was actually inspired by Breaking Bad, one of my favorite TV shows ever. Can you guess which episode? Hint: tweet me the answer!