PicMonkey Tutorial: How to Create YouTube Thumbnails


One of the most important factors for getting more YouTube views is the thumbnail. The thumbnail photo has to be eye-catching and relevant to what your video is about. So how do we create these custom thumbnails? PicMonkey is an awesome and easy-to-use free online photo editor that you need to start using right now. So…

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What is the Best Camera for YouTube?


Updated January 2017 With so many options it seems difficult to find the best camera for YouTube. Don’t fret. I got ya. During my YouTube life I’ve gone through a handful of cameras (visit my Resources page to see all my YouTube gear). I’ve come up with 3 categories of cameras to help you find the best camera for your…

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YouTube Creator Studio App Walkthrough

youtube creator studio app

YouTube recently released the new Creator Studio app for iOS and Android. This app is extremely beneficial for YouTubers who want to manage their channel on the go using their smartphones. Here are some of the app’s features: Dashboard Get started with a succinct overview of analytics, your recent uploads, and notable comments all in one place.…

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