Best Budget Wireless Lav Mic? Saramonic UwMic9 Review


If you’re a YouTuber you probably know by now that audio quality is extremely important. So I’ve been playing around with this new Saramonic UwMic9 Wireless Microphone System, and it’s a good option for video creators looking to get decent audio quality at a fairly low price. I’m going to quickly go over the system and then I’ll do some audio tests so you can hear what it sounds like.

The Saramonic UwMic9 Wireless Microphone System is mainly made up of a wireless receiver, wireless transmitter, and a clip-on lavalier mic. But it also comes with other necessary audio cables, belt clips, and a cold shoe mount. It’s actually a newer version of the previous system called UwMic10. The UwMic10 system used the frequency range of 614MHz-696MHz, but in order to comply with new FCC rules Saramonic had to change the frequency range to 514MHz-596MHz which resulted in this new system called UwMic9.

What I like about the UwMic9 system is that it’s affordable. At under $300 it’s cheaper than most other wireless systems, and the receiver and transmitter are built out of a solid aluminum housing. This does cause them to feel a bit heavy but also very sturdy. I also like the LCD displays and the easy-to-use menus. I was able to follow the setup guide and get the system up and running within minutes.

It’s pretty simple, just connect the lav mic to the transmitter’s mic input and the 3.5mm cable to the receiver’s output, then run the receiver’s auto scan to find the clearest channel and finally run the matching feature that automatically pairs the transmitter with the receiver. Once the transmitter is paired with the receiver, mount the receiver on your camera using the cold shoe adapter, connect the other end of the 3.5mm cable into your camera’s mic jack, then clip the lav mic to your shirt.

I also like that it has the ability to monitor audio levels with headphones. One thing I’d recommend is getting some rechargeable AA batteries. This system requires 4 and it’s easier to have extra batteries on hand if you’re going to be recording for longer than 2 hours. But if you know you’ll be in close range you can actually change the RF power output from high to middle or low to save battery. The range claims to be about 200 feet indoors with obstacles and about 330 feet outside in an open space.

Check out the video above to hear how the UwMic9 sounds indoors and outdoors and also compared to a Zoom H1paired with a Giant Squid wired lav mic.