Best Budget Tripod for Video: Magnus VT-4000 Review

If you’re a beginner to DSLR video and want an affordable high-quality tripod then I recommend the awesome Magnus VT-4000 video tripod with fluid head.

At such a low price and a nearly perfect 5-star rating on Amazon, the Magnus VT-4000 is the best budget tripod for videos in my opinion. It is the tripod I use for all my YouTube videos. Let’s quickly go over the tripod, and then I’ll talk about my favorite feature that makes it the best in its price range.

This is an easy-to-use sturdy aluminum tripod. It’s pretty lightweight (less than 8 pounds) and it can be collapsed to a pretty small size for increased portability. It comes with its own travel bag which is nice, even though it is a pretty tight fit. The tripod height can be adjusted from 27.6” to 59” using the 2-step leg locks to lock it in at the height that you want for your video. The rubber feet on the bottom of the legs can be rotated to reveal spikes in case you are shooting outdoors and need more stability.

The best part of this tripod system is the fluid head that comes with it. The fluid head is what makes it the best for shooting videos because it provides buttery smooth pan and tilt movements that can really make your videos stand out and get to that next level. Even though it doesn’t have tension control to adjust the resistance like more expensive tripods do, it still has a pretty good amount of resistance for both panning and tilting. It even has a built-in counter balance to improve the smoothness even more. It also has locks for the pan and tilt so you can lock the head at any position you want which comes in handy when shooting videos.

Another awesome feature is the ball joint handle that allows you to adjust the entire head and get it perfectly balanced which you can verify by glancing at the bubble level that is right above it. That is so convenient to have. It comes with a quick release plate that you can mount your camera on and easily slide onto the head, and it also has a double locking mechanism which will protect your camera from accidentally sliding off the tripod. You’ll have to press the red button in order to get it off.

The only thing I would change about this tripod is the height. I’m about 6’4” so I wish this extended to at least 6′ tall. Other than that this is a perfect tripod for beginners on a budget who want to start creating YouTube videos. I highly recommend it.

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