How to Make YouTube Channel Art (2018)


Updated January 2018

Your YouTube channel branding relies heavily on your YouTube channel art. But it’s a bit difficult to design it if you don’t know how to use a professional photo editor like Photoshop. Until now.

Canva is a free and easy web app that helps you design your YouTube channel art from scratch. Watch my tutorial video above to see how to use it.

First, sign up for a free Canva account. Next, head on over to this YouTube support page and download the YouTube channel art templates. Unzip the folder. We will be using these later on.

Next, go to the Canva YouTube Channel Art creator. Start designing your channel art however you’d like (in the video I show some examples of how to do this).

Upload the YouTube channel art template PNG file and make sure your main text and logo fit within the recommended area. Once you have verified that everything fits, delete the template guideline and download your channel art image.

Finally, follow these instructions to upload your new YouTube banner to your channel. Now, go reward yourself with a hot bath or cookies. Or both. You earned it!