Does YouTube Equipment Matter?


  You know I love talking about YouTube equipment. That’s why I created a new Facebook group dedicated to YouTube equipment because I love geeking out on it. But when it comes to making a successful YouTube video, how much does the equipment really matter? My most popular video on YouTube has almost 2 million…

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How to Edit Videos: Beginners Guide

How To Edit Videos

A big obstacle for most beginners on YouTube is the hurdle of actually learning how to edit videos. It can be a daunting task when you’re first starting out. Learning how to edit videos is quite simple, really. It comes down to 3 things: Get an affordable video editing program Watch video editing tutorials Edit as many videos as you…

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Best Budget Wireless Lav Mic? Saramonic UwMic9 Review


If you’re a YouTuber you probably know by now that audio quality is extremely important. So I’ve been playing around with this new , and it’s a good option for video creators looking to get decent audio quality at a fairly low price. I’m going to quickly go over the system and then I’ll do…

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