Royalty Free Music for YouTube – 10 Awesome Resources


Music is like music to my ears. You know what I mean.

Having background music is a huge benefit for video creators. But we can’t just grab the latest hit single from Justin Timberlake and slap it on our video because most likely it is copyrighted, and as you know copyright infringement is a big no-no on YouTube.

The solution? Royalty-free music.

Royalty-free music is music that allows users to obtain a license (either for free by giving credit to the artist/source or for a small licensing fee) so users can legally use the music on a video without violating copyright.

Having access to royalty-free music gives video creators the option to pick and choose the perfect music for their video in order to keep the viewer interested and increase viewer watch time (which is VERY important on YouTube).

So here are 10 awesome resources to get royalty-free music for your online videos.

  • YouTube Audio Library (Free) – YouTube’s own royalty-free music selection. It’s the most convenient option for YouTube videos.
  • NoCopyrightSounds (Free) – A YouTube channel that has a lot of hip-hop/electronic/dubstep beats available as free downloads to use in your videos.
  • AudioPad (Free) – Another YouTube channel that hosts their music on YouTube and provides links to free MP3 downloads.
  • Incompetech (Free) – One of the most popular royalty-free music sites ran by Kevin MacLeod. Tons of YouTubers use this site for their music.
  • AudioNautix (Free) – With a very similar layout to Incompetech, AudioNautix has a vast amount of tracks available to use in your projects.
  • Josh Woodward (Free) – Josh Woodward is a musician who offers a lot of guitar-centric songs. Good resource for acoustic and pop rock music.
  • BenSound (Free) – Another good resource that is run by a single artist. Clean layout that has core categories to choose from.
  • Purple Planet (Free/Paid) – This site has royalty free music that can be downloaded for free or paid for. Definitely has some cool tracks.
  • Audio Jungle (Paid) – Popular site that has a huge selection of professional music tracks. Premium songs for a low price.
  • Music Bed (Paid) – A freaking beautiful site that has some fantastic audio tracks from talented artists. Recommended for cinematic videos.

There you go. Bookmark these sites so the next time you start editing a video you can add the perfect soundtrack.