YouTube Cards Tutorial: Increase Viewer Engagement


Annotations are so last year. YouTube has a new feature called Cards, and it’s like annotations on steroids. Cards are what annotations should have been in the first place. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to use them on your own videos so you can increase viewer engagement and get better conversions on your calls-to-action.

What are YouTube Cards?

YouTube Cards are small pop ups that appear in the top-right of a video that compel the viewer to visit an external site. Cards appear as a short line of text for a few seconds then they can be accessed during the entire video by clicking the “i” icon. When the “i” is clicked a small image is shown along with the call to action text.

For example, if I record a video and I mention my website at a certain point in that video that’s when I would create a Card to pop up with the link that says “Visit my website”. The viewer can then click on the Card, and it will open a tab to the external site.

Right now there are six types of sites that Cards can open: Associated Website, Merchandise, Fan Funding, Fundraising, YouTube Video, and YouTube Playlist.

Here’s the best thing: Cards work on mobile devices. Holy crap, it’s a miracle.

How to Enable Cards on Your Videos

When you’re logged into YouTube, visit your Channel Features and verify that your channel is in good standing.

Go back to your Video Manager and find a video that you want to enable the Cards feature on. Click the arrow next to the Edit button on the video and click Cards.

Find the spot in your video when you want the Card to appear and click Add Card.

Choose the type of site you want the viewer to visit. Once you enter the URL it will populate the title and image, or you can upload your own custom image by clicking Upload Image.

Edit the title and call-to-action teaser text to your liking. Click Create Card. You can do add up to 5 cards per video.

Yup, It’s That Easy

So there you go. That’s how to use the new YouTube Cards feature. YouTube Cards should definitely increase your engagement and CTA conversions. Leave a comment below and let me know what your first Card is going to be on your videos.