YouTube Creator Studio App Walkthrough

YouTube recently released the new Creator Studio app for iOS and Android. This app is extremely beneficial for YouTubers who want to manage their channel on the go using their smartphones. Here are some of the app’s features:

Get started with a succinct overview of analytics, your recent uploads, and notable comments all in one place. The dashboard gives you a snapshot of the latest on your channel so you can choose where you’d like to get started.

Video Manager
Review a list of your recent uploads or select one of the videos to edit the title, description, tags, or video settings. Check out recent comments on the video or review the latest video stats.

Use the community section to review comments across your uploads. Here you reply to comments, approve or remove moderated comments, and review comments flagged for spam.

Take a look at your channel’s analytics and review minutes watched, video views, subscribers, revenue, traffic sources, and engagement. Click into a section to adjust your date range and view metrics from the last week or the last year.

Adjust your app settings to control the types of notifications that surface in your app. Get notified when you hit viewership milestones, see notable subscriber growth, have new subscribers, when you receive comments, you have news from YouTube or choose to customize your notification preferences to get the notifications that you want.

Check out my walkthrough of the Creator Studio app and let me know what you think of it!

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